Transforming a Local Dentist’s Website into a National Authority: The Success Story of Patient Show

How do we improve organic web traffic and reduce cost-per-acquisition?

In July 2020, our client approached us because they were dissatisfied with their previous digital marketing agency, and sought to improve their organic web traffic and reduce cost-per-acquisition.

_____ was looking to grow their multi-location Dental practice, and needed help!


We began by implementing content marketing strategies, integrating specialized keywords into the client’s service pages, writing one high-quality SEO article per month, and utilizing targeted PPC campaigns.


The results were astounding! Within just one year, our client’s website sessions increased by 50%, from 20,000 to 30,000. Since then, our client sees an average of 38,000 website sessions per month, an 88% overall increase since July 2020.

This overall increase of 88% since July 2020 demonstrates the power of effective SEO when done right.

But it wasn’t just about driving traffic to the website. Our successful campaign also resulted in a remarkable reduction in cost-per-acquisition for new patients. Within just six months of working with us, the dental practice consistently saw over 400 new patients each month!

To make the most of our client’s advertising dollars, we utilized call tracking strategies to identify which campaigns were driving leads to the practice. By focusing on PPC campaigns tailored to potential customers already interested in the services offered by our client, we created a steady stream of leads that drove huge returns on investment.

At Patient Show, we understand that digital marketing requires a comprehensive approach. By creating hyper-specific content that targets potential customers and utilizing all aspects of digital marketing, we transformed a local dentist’s website into a nationally ranked authority**.** With our intentional, cohesive strategy, we can help your dental practice achieve the same outstanding results.