Websites That Convert

As a dental practice, it is essential to have a website that effectively showcases your services, establishes credibility, and attracts new patients. At Patient Show, we have a step-by-step process to ensure that we create the perfect dental website for you.

1. Onboarding Meeting

During the onboarding meeting, we take the time to understand your goals, objectives, and requirements for your website. We work with you to put together a site map, outlining the different sections of your website.

Next, we create a content outline to ensure that we have a clear understanding of the messaging and information that you want to convey on each page.

Lastly, we create a list of materials we need from you, such as images and copy, to begin the design process.

2. User Experience Design (UX) Phase

During the UX phase, we create a homepage wireframe that provides a rough layout of the website’s primary page.

Subsequently, we create wireframes for sub-pages to ensure a clear understanding of the layout and structure of the website’s internal pages.

3. User Interface Design (UI) Phase

During the UI phase, we work with you to discuss the look and feel of your website. We show you some mood boards to provide you with inspiration and ideas for the website’s design.

We then create the UI for both the homepage and subpages, incorporating the ideas from the mood boards and your preferences.

4. Copy and Content Production

During the Copy & Content production phase, we create images and videos for use on your website. We also hold a collaborative copywriting meeting where we work together to ensure the messaging on your website is consistent with your brand.

5. Development Integration & Testing Phase

This is where we bring everything together. We create a beta website, which we use to test and ensure that everything works correctly. We then make any necessary bug fixes before moving on to the training phase, where we train you and your team on how to use and update your new website.

6. Launch

Lastly, we launch your website! We take care of all the technical aspects of launching your website, ensuring that it’s up and running correctly. Overall, our process ensures that we create a website that meets your goals, objectives, and requirements while providing a positive user experience for your patients.