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Harmonious colour themes have built up as the collection has evolved.

Between increased competition, decreased reimbursements and insurers dictating coverage, many practices are looking for new and progressive marketing techniques to maintain a steady flow of patients (one hint: stop investing in Yellow Pages!). Here are ten tips to get more patients into your practice:

1. It’s all about who you know

Strong referring relationships are essential in today’s competitive market. No longer can physicians rely on their past reputations; they need to get out and secure new relationships and revive the old ones. A strong referring relationship means that more patients will come your way as a result, since trust and knowledge are necessary for this dynamic to develop. Referring practices want to know that their patients will be in good hands when they refer them to you, certainly as this reflects upon their reputation as well. Focusing on building personal connections at referring practices is the key to strong relationships.

2. Practices that are easy to work with get the most referrals

Practices that are simple to work with will get more patients referred to them. It’s as simple as that. How can this be achieved at your practice? Make it easy to send patients with referral forms that are clear and concise; combine this with prompt scheduling of referred patients and don’t make their patients wait too long for an appointment. Provide a direct phone number for contacts in your office as this will alleviate the frustration of a lengthy phone tree system. After patients have received medical care at your office, send over the progress notes within one to three weeks. Clear communication along with prompt feedback will enhance your reputation and bring more patients into your door.

3. Hire a skilled physician liaison

The responsibilities of building relationships and communicating consistently are timely tasks that are best tackled with a dedicated physician liaison. A physician liaison represents your practice in the referring community to promote your services, treatments, and providers. This responsibility shouldn’t go to your front desk employee who goes out once a quarter to drop off cookies. Keep in mind that a physician liaison can be a full-time or part-time employee, or even an independent contractor. Strategic promotion of your practice is achieved with a skilled physician liaison that has experience in pharmaceutical sales, medical sales, or other similar sales avenues. While clinical knowledge can be taught, personal drive and ambition cannot. Choose wisely.


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